“Genealogy Roadshow” – Nashville

First, a correction: I had read on a genealogy blog that last night’s episode would be set in San Francisco. It was actually set in Nashville (which I should have figured out by the trailer I linked to *facepalm*).

The show is formatted very much like antiques roadshow, the difference being that instead of just showing up with an antique teapot and standing in the line for the expert on antique teapots, participants had to submit their genealogy questions ahead of time, which makes sense considering the amount of research that would be required to answer anyone’s question. They showed a wide variety of cases, my favourite being a woman whom they were able to prove was related to the outlaw Jesse James. They also included short histories of some of the famous people who were researched, and the historical building in which the taping took place.

In all, I enjoyed the show, although I missed the last 15 minutes because one of my babies started crying and I needed to go deal with him. I look forward to next week’s episode, which will be set in Detroit.