Services Offered

I conduct research in the British Isles, Canada (especially Ontario and Nova Scotia), and online American records. If your family tree includes these areas or if you are a beginner and would like help learning how to get started on your own research journey, I can’t wait to hear from you!

I hourly rate is $35 + taxes and expenses. Taxes only apply to Canadian residents. My contract requests that you approve a $50 expense budget to cover small charges (see the explanation of expenses below). Larger costs, such as translation, records costing more than $10 each, or travel expenses to outside of the GTA, will require your approval before being incurred.


  • Travel – Travel costs can include the cost of travelling to an archive or records repository or a research trip outside of the GTA. Any travel outside of the GTA will require your approval.
  • Records – Although I make every effort to find records through means that are free to you, some records require an additional cost. Any expenses for records (including but not limited to postage, photocopying, and the cost of the record itself) are charged extra. There is no extra charge for record transcription.
  • Translation – If I have to get a record translated into English, this may come with an additional charge, which will require your approval.


The first hour is due up front. Any reports, records, etc. are delivered after the remaining hours and additional expenses (if any) are paid.



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